Sunday, January 05, 2014

First Blog Of The New Year

I've been in hiding.

No, not really, it has just been really cold...too cold to sit in the computer room and do much of anything. I don't know why, but this particular bedroom has never ever ever been warm. Even when my dad could get our coal furnace roaring, this room was like an ice box.

I probably won't be blogging again until after the deep freeze is over on Wednesday...assuming I haven't frozen to death.

We've done as much as we can to be prepared for the cold.

I've bought extra blankets and lots of thermal socks at Tractor Supply.

Tractor Supply is a great store when it comes to getting things for cold weather, since they sell lots of gear for men and women that work out doors.

I will tell you, if you don't see a blog from me until late Wednesday or early Thursday, it is because I'm too busy trying to keep everyone warm.


Mike said...

The high in St. Louis for Monday... -2. -30 to -40 wind chill.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Best wishes in keeping yourself and loved ones warm.

Bilbo said...

We bottomed out and the temps are going up. I think we're up to the mid-20's now. It's colder than a banker's heart.