Sunday, December 15, 2013


Dad had a very bad day today. He was medicated and out of it most of the day and his breathing wasn't good at all.

Everyone was upset and it didn't help matters that the house decided that it needed attention too, with a faucet that decided to give up the ghost.

Back in the day, these little problems were things my dad would fix.

Tim "The Toolman" Taylor was my dad's hero. (Only dad didn't blow things up...)

It made me think of all the things I'm going to miss out on with my dad.

He's never going to walk me down the aisle. (Not that there is anyone waiting do that)

He's never going to hold a grandbaby of mine. (unless you count all those kitties)

I regret so many things in my life, but if I had made changes...if I had "Turned Left" who is to say whether or not he'd still be with us.

I can only sit here and type and wish with all my heart that he makes it to Christmas and that he can have one last merry one with everyone that loves him so much.

I'm so upset ....

I don't want my daddy to go...

My biggest regret....

Not having enough time


Mike said...

You can never have enough time.