Friday, June 15, 2012

Top 5 On Friday

Top 5 musical things that you associate with summer

1. Concerts: Summer is the best time to see a show. It is a shame, I won't be able to see any this year. Too many health problems and not enough money.

2. Road trips: What is summer without road trips? And when you take a road trip, you have to have music!

3. Power Pop: I have to admit I play bands like Cheap Trick and Fountains of Wayne much more in the summer. It is shiny happy fun music!

4. Mix CDs: I made more mix cds for the summer than I did any other time of year. It could be because of summer travel or just because I like singing along in the car with the windows down and scaring people in passing cars.

5. Mp3 Players: For me my mp3 player gets more use in the summer. More long walks (well there used to be) and more chances for exercise when the weather is good.