Saturday, June 16, 2012

Make Up Your Mind

My dad may be getting a pacemaker on Monday. He has all the info, but the doctor's have coordinated anything yet.

I have to say, I'm not impressed by the surgeon, who would be implanting the device.

He comes across as a know it all and a general asshat.

I guessed that he probably had a wife and a mistress before I left the hospital.

He was walking out before me. He drives a bright orange Dodge Charger.

My aunt Delores, whose son has worked with this guy, confirmed my beliefs.

Oye to the vey!

And I wish they would tell me if the surgery was scheduled so I can let my boss know I'm not going to be there on Monday.

Everything has to be so complicated


Bilbo said...

I hope things work out okay on Monday. As for the doctor, my experience is that many high-end surgeons have a tremendously inflated opinion of themselves and are, in fact, prime examples of the common asshat. Many overpriced lawyers suffer from the same condition. Good luck.