Monday, June 11, 2012

Too Much To Do

Tomorrow I have a list of things and phone calls I must accomplish.

~ Find out how much notice they need at the EMS for the wheelchair van for mom, so she can go to the doctor's.

~ Call my debt management to give them the payoff amount on my last credit card in the program.

~ Find my bed. I've been piling so much stuff on it that I can't sleep on it. I've been sleeping in my parents room

~ Try to organize my reviewing schedule so I'm not so backed up all the time.

~ Try to come up with some easy meals for the rest of the week.

~ Play with kittens!

What? you thought everything was going to be tedious?


Mike said...

'Find my bed.'

Ahhh your my kind of girl. Not a flat surface in the house without stuff piled on it.

Bilbo said...

I have a similar list. I wrote it down so I'd remember everything I have to do, then forgot where the list is. So I don't have to do anything. Life's good.