Thursday, April 28, 2016

Zumba Will Be The Death Of Me

Ok, I'm trying to get back into a shape other than a roundish pear. So I shelled out $60 for a Zumba set. I was ambitious the first day and tried a regular workout. Bad idea. I'm 41, fat and uncoordinated. So last night I decided to look through the dvds and found the basics disc that teaches you the moves for all the areas they work on in the other discs. It proved to me, I have no coordination and that I now understand why Richard Simmons did so well with his show. Why? The dancers on the Zumba videos are all teeny tiny, which doesn't make a fat girl feel too good and the moves are way more complicated then they make them out to be. I guess I'll be doing the Basic Steps Workout for a few weeks before I can build up to anything else. ~sigh~ I probably should have bought the discs for the Baby Boomer Set.


Mike said...

Well why don't you video yourself and post it here so we can .......... help you identify problem areas. Yeah, that's it. We just want to help. Trust us. We'll be nice!

Bilbo said...

Now you know how I felt when I tried to do the exercise classes at Gold's Gym that combined yoga, tai chi, and other embarrassing things.