Sunday, April 10, 2016

TV Shows I'm Sick Of

Thanks to all the strange channels that air classic tv, I'm reminded that tv used to be funny and good. There's very little that I watch these days that are on the big 4 channels.

The Big Bang Theory used to be a favorite of mine, but when they started marrying everyone off the show started to lose its luster. In fact, if it weren't for one of the guest stars I probably wouldn't even watch the rest of the season, because I haven't found it funny in a very long time.

Modern Family was another show I used to adore, but now it isn't fun anymore. I still like most of the characters, but when Lily started growing up, she just became too obnoxious.

Fresh Off The Boat was cute in its first season, but it got old pretty fast.

I've totally given up on any and all cop dramas...Law and Order, Criminal Minds, CSI, & much as I love some of the characters on these shows, they've all overstayed their welcome.

I wish there would be some new show that showed some originality.

TV sucks.


Diane said...

I still watch Big Bang Theory but that's pretty much it for the main tv channels. I tend to just rent movies these days from the library.