Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Its Been Awhile

I don't know why I can't get back on the blogging bandwagon again and I really want to.

Can you say house issues?

I swear, I'm going to call this house "The Money Pit".

Remember that movie?

The sewer backed up today.


So the plumber is coming out this afternoon.

Oh and the toilet seat broke and the plastic nut seems to be permanently attached.

I freaking GIVE UP!

And on an entertainment front....Damn Jon Stewart for leaving when there's so much crazy going on in the news!


allenwoodhaven said...

Home repairs always seem to come up when least convenient.

good luck....

Bilbo said...

Welcome to the club! It was comedian Alan King who once said that home ownership was every American's dream: it began with dreaming up ways you could afford to by it, and ended with nightmares of how you could get rid of it. You'll survive.

rashbre said...

I know that Money Pit movie. We all go through it.

The repairs that we make that no-one even notices.

My sister just had someone with an airgun accidentally break a window at her place and had to shell out for a replacement. Not worth an insurance claim cos they'll put up the premium.

It's still a place to make one's home.