Wednesday, November 27, 2013


~ Dad is home from the hospital, on hospice care, but he is doing surprisingly well, so let's keep our fingers crossed here.

~ The Day Of The Doctor = Awesomesauce....that's all I can say.

~ I need about 48 hours of sleep...that's not happening though.

~ I need rehab from Facebook games...STAT

~ DSL is no longer working well for me..thinking of switching to cable internet, but the cost is making me a bit nauseous. As I typed this..LAST NIGHT the connection went crazy and I don't know what is causing it, but it is more crazy when it rains.

~ Still loving the Mika and Arianna Grande version of Popular Song.

~ Have read a bunch of not so great books, that really makes me question the time I've wasted with them. I hate reading bad books. Blech.

~ I'm pretty sure my cat Gumdrop is trying to kill me. She's been sleeping on MY NECK!


rashbre said...

Interesting now the Doctor episodes seem to be getting released everywhere at the same time. I agree a good episode.