Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Did You Vote?

Today was election day here in the US. Not many big races in my neck of the woods, mostly mayors etc.

Voter turnout was low.

And yet our government has the lowest approval rate by the people that supposedly elect them.

Voting takes minutes.

At my poling station I was number 20 on the machine.


And I voted after work!

It is no wonder why our towns/cities/states and country are run by idiots.

We don't care.

Every voice counts...regardless of your party.

You have no right to complain, if you didn't cast a ballot.


rashbre said...

There's a debate around this topic going on in the UK at the moment. One of the people involved is Russell Brand. Here's a link to an interesting piece that he's written...


Mike said...

There are some countries where you are required to vote and will get fined if you don't.

Bilbo said...

I voted! And everyone for whom I voted was elected ... it's nice to be in the majority once in a while.