Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Justin Hayward!

I'm pretty sure my fan status is about to be revoked. If it weren't for a message on the Moody Blues Facebook page, I totally would have forgotten that today was Justin Hayward's birthday.

67 years old.


It made me reflect on how his music has touched my life over the years.

Of course, I can't say I've been a fan from the start, as I wasn't born when The Moodies made their start. In fact, I was born around the time they were on hiatus.

But I had a love for all things from the 60s when I was very young. The Moodies were a band that I always came back to.

My first exposure to their music was Your Wildest Dreams and from then on, I was a fan. There have only been a handful of artists that have touched my life in the way this man's music has. (Funny the styles of the artists are really quite Elvis Costello & Danny Elfman)

I am grateful for the music he's made over the years, and hope he's not done making music.

Then I think of some of the other artists that are the same age....Elton John who is alive and Davy Jones who is no longer with us...

I am so glad that Justin has made it this long, not to be morbid or anything. Those artists from the 60s seem to drop like flies very young.

But back to Justin. This is a man whose music means so much to so many people. The Moodies and his solo work are full of enduring songs, not music that you forget 5 minutes after it is over. He, as well as the band still have quite a following.

How wonderful that this man shares his talent to freely with the world.

Happy 67th birthday Justin! May you have many many more!


rashbre said...

I've always really enjoyed the whole of "Threshold of a Dream" - I realise I can probably recite all the lyrics - even the computer bit.

moodymistress said...

All very true! And I like that you worked his "means so much to so many people" quote in there. ;)