Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Back To Normal and Other Musings

~ Dad is home. I'm not sure how much better he is, but he is home and that is a blessing, I think.

~ Super Fun Night is officially my new favorite show, beating out 2 Broke Girls, which needs some spicing up, cos they seem to be doing the same ole same ole in the joke department.

~ Sick of people getting up in arms about commercials. First people were peeved about an interracial couple in the Cheerios commercial. Now they are whining cos sports stars are endorsing McDonald's Mighty Wings, cos they are bad for our health and athletes are role models.

Again, remind me how we are a "free" society, if these guys aren't free to make money in these ads.

People are idiots..and parents are idiots if they can't explain to their kids that actors and athletes aren't people to put on pedestals. They are people doing a job. That's it.

~ Have actually ordered new music (The Christmas Erasure & Nick Lowe CDs and Mika's latest, which I missed last year)

~ I think I need about 48 hours of sleep to get over the last 5 days. This last hospital jaunt of my dad's almost took as much out of me as it did him.


Mike said...

If you can't get the sleep I'll sleep for you. No need to thank me.

rashbre said...

Good to hear that things are on a more even keel at the moment.