Friday, October 28, 2016

Going From Bad To Worse

Allow me to share the things that have gone on in my week.

~ Furnace decided to have issues this week. Thankfully it was a reasonable fix.

~ Nephew dropped a small salad fork down the drain in the kitchen, thus allowing us to get the new faucet there that we've been wanting for over a year. That was $180.00

~ I get home today and the stove isn't working. Twice it tripped the breaker. Everything is working find now, but that was beyond scary.

I just want some uneventful days that don't cause me grief.

I think I deserve it.


Mike said...

But the new faucet was a good thing. A really good thing. The perfect positive balance.

rashbre central said...

I agree with Mike. The faucet will allow you to 'tap' into the positive. Excuse my weak UK pun. x