Sunday, October 09, 2016

Are We In A Freefall?

OK,  I'm supporting Hillary Clinton. (I'd rather be supporting Bernie Sanders, but that wasn't to be.)

Not because I like her 100%, the lady has a lot of baggage, but as a politician, I think she has more political know how than The Donald.

What scares me is that now that Trump's run is going down, what is the rest of the world thinking of us, for letting this kind of man come this far. And more so, why did it take these types of comments, as opposed to the other nasty shit that's come out of his mouth, to get the GOP to distance themselves from this scumbag?

What scares me, is there are things going on with Russia, and it isn't making the news, because of  The Donald and the fact that everyone is campaigning.

I shake my head at our country.


rashbre said...

I can only join you in a sigh.