Friday, July 24, 2015

Will Things Ever Go Right?

My tale of woe for the week.

There is one plus...all the plumbing issues are taken care of now. We have a shiny new water heater, there is a Pittsburgh toilet in the basement, and other minor issues have been fixed. Yay! All for about $1000. So can't complain there.

But back to the woe...cos that's more fun.

1. House has some fun (ha ha ha) electrical issues. Outlets and fixtures that don't work for no reason...and yeah. that's going to be fun to fix.

2. My car is lighting up like a Christmas tree, with useless lights. The airbag light is still on. But wait, now the door light is on, when ever door and the trunk are shut tight. Seriously? WTF! I have a ghetto car!

3. Some people think its fun to have a 5 day vacation and then come home and have a party. In the last 2 years, I've not gone anywhere. I have not gone further than 30 miles from my home, and that was either to Washington, PA or to Upper Saint Clair when I met one of my favorite authors. I've not been to Wheeling in about 5 years..and the same for Pittsburgh, but no one can give me a break, and yet I cook for their sorry asses? I think I'm done with them all.

Rant and Woe ended, go in peace.