Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I Need A Stereo

Can you believe these words are coming out of the mouth of the woman that has 1000 + CDs? No, I don't own a stereo anymore.

I have 3 mp3 players that I seldom use as most of the music I listen to is played in my car or on my computer.

How very sad is that?

I'm trying to decide what brand to buy this time. Heck, I'm actually trying to find a stereo. Do places even sell them anymore? Has music mostly gone digital?

Can I just say that sucks?

I just want to listen to my music again, and not the stupid TV, especially as the only things worth watching are on the History Channel. (yes, I'm still addicted to all things alien)

Why do the networks seem to think we all have lives and are on a constant vacation from May til Sept?

Oops that's a totally different rant.

But back to the CD player/Stereo thing. I can't seem to find anything that isn't a boom box or something that is very flimsy. Anyone have any advice on a reasonable system?


Mike said...

You just need to do some surfing. Best Buy has some shelf systems. If you want something cheap for now until you can hunt down a better one they have - Jensen 4W CD Stereo System with Cassette, Turntable and AM/FM Radio - for 85 dollars. I'm sure it's not anywhere near the best of quality but it might work for awhile.