Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Things You Find While Dejunking

I cleaned out one of the strange cabinets in our house yesterday

~ I found a precious Valentine's Day card from my Dad to Mom. He was always about the silly, when mom would have loved flowers, but his silly sentiment always was what he meant. Lots of tears shed there.

~ Cookbooks from the 1960s were a hoot, and as a result of looking at a bunch of Better Homes and Gardens books, I want a soup tureen!

~ My mother has 3 copies of Beverly Lewis' Amish Heritage cookbook and about 4 copies of one made by the ladies at the Monessen Food Pantry.

~ Found a book about the Gnostic Gospels that I'm going to have to read to mom now.

~ Found a beautiful Christmas ornament with one of the Presque Isle Lighthouses on it. Now I can't wait for Christmas!

~ My mother had an odd obsession with Ideals poetry magazines.


Bilbo said...

While I was cleaning out and dejunking the storage locker at Agnes's parents' place, I found all sorts of amazing things under the layers of dust and mouse poop ... one of the most amazing of which was Agnes's First Communion candle - all three feet or so of it - still in the box it came in back around 1957.