Monday, June 08, 2015

Books Books and More Books

In the last few weeks I've taken bags upon bags of books to be donated to our library and to the lending library at our YMCA.

You would think that it would make a dent in our house but it doesn't.

We have a small library going on here.

Lots of novels and lots of cookbooks.

Oh and did I mention the library had their book sale this week.


On a counter productive move, I found about 10 cookbooks. Some are from women's groups and others were those awesome Taste Of Home annuals that usually cost about 30 bucks.

So I've got a lot of great new cookbooks to make yummy stuff from.

Yay, but I still have a house that looks like a war zone


This move is not going to be easy at all.


Mike said...

Just think how much fun you'll have 30 years from now going through the boxes you haven't opened from the move.