Friday, January 08, 2016

Random Thoughts

~ President Obama's executive orders on guns. Seriously people, he's not taking them away from you. What the hell is wrong with stricter background checks. The fact that so many people in this nation feel the need to get their panties in a twist about this scares me. We are so violent anymore. And those guns don't always protect you. My aunt and uncle and cousin were murdered in their beds, their gun sitting in the night stand. Just saying.

 ~ The water situation in Flint, MI is another scary thing. If you haven't heard about this, there are high levels of lead in the water supply there, and little is being done to correct the issue. WTF is wrong there? Why aren't people being held accountable. The governor should be put in jail. This is beyond negligence and its been going on for months!!!!! Oh wait, Flint is a poor city, so they simply don't care!!!!!

 ~ Trump. What can I say about this man? He scares me. The country that may very well nominate him and elect him scares me. This year makes me want to cancel my cable and get netflix and hulu so I wouldn't have to look or listen to him.

 ~ Taking down Christmas this weekend. Some people get depressed before Christmas, for me its after Christmas because everything is so bleak and there is nothing to look forward to until May.

 ~ Going to celebrate New Year's tomorrow, since we couldn't have the festive meal on the 1st because mom was in the hospital


Diane said...

People don't get it about guns. These people scare me. I'm so sorry about your aunt, uncle and cousin being murdered - how horrible! But, the statistics have said over and over that having a gun doesn't necessarily protect you.

The water situation in Flint, MI - I immediately said - poor city, poor people, nobody gives a crap. There should be criminal penalties for this. You can't sue because this city as well as Detroit either went bankrupt or are on the verge. Besides, what good would suing do? Doesn't reverse the damage done to these poor children.

Trump - I thought our country hit bottom when they re-elected W (was he really "elected" the first time?). This is a new low. But, what can you expect from a Kardashian/celebrity fascinated nation? The collective brain power of the US is down the drain.

Happy new year to you and yours, Andrea!

Bilbo said...

Happy New Year, anyhow!