Saturday, December 12, 2015

Making Meal Plans

Trying to find ways of making economical meals that everyone in the family will like is damn hard. It is also hard to find things that are economical that aren't related to pasta.

I have so many pasta dishes that I could make, but eating noodles every day is pretty rough.

So far I know before Christmas I can make

Tuna casserole or tuna patties

Fish tacos

scrambled eggs with noodles

bacon ranch mac

pasta bake

Still trying to come up with some other cheap dinners



Bilbo said...

I'm e-mailing you my recipe for Ulitmate Baked Mac and Cheese. And I would suggest that those who are unhappy with what you do the work to prepare should be reminded that a 24-hour McDonald's drive-thru is never too far away.

rashbre said...

How about couscous? Fast, inexpensive and flexible.

Here's a link to some recipes...