Thursday, May 21, 2015


Things are totally crazy right now, with so much to do regarding the home purchase. I have to say, I'm terribly frightened.

This is a huge deal

I'm scared and excited all at the same time.

The bank asked if I might be able to close on the loan early.


Not that I'll be able to, because the owners of the property live in Maryland, and they still have to get their belongings out of the house.

There's so many things I have questions about, and I don't have any idea who to ask.

Its all so very crazy.

I'm trying to go through my books and such so I can scale down when I move, but I'm a hoarder when it comes to books and CDs. (Funny, I don't even own a cd player anymore though)

I just hope that sometime in the next few months that things will settle down and that I won't be stressed out so much. There's very little that I enjoy anymore and that makes me sad and I feel like I have no friends except for the cats.



rashbre said...

I've chopped down the number of CDs by removing them from their little plastic boxes. I keep the paper inserts but ditch the boxes. Saves quite a lot of space (3 or 4 to 1, probably). I don't throw away the really good artwork ones though.

Same with DVDs, where I've ditched the plastic boxes - there's hardly ever anything useful on them.

Most of my CDs and DVDs are also digitised, so I keep most of the actual media out of the way, in Staples plastic crates.

Books is a tough one. I've decided I'll go digital with new books (except photographic and similar ones). Old books vary in 'utility' - will I ever read it again? Does it mark a special moment?

Otherwise they can also go.

Decluttering can be quite therapeutic.

Good luck with your move -it's a whole new adventure.

Mike said...

Sounds like you need a new CD player!

Diane said...

Andrea - I'm losing my mind right now too so I sympathize with you. We close at the end of July but we've had some real bad crap going on - I keep asking myself what's God trying to tell us? Probably nothing, just get on with it. Both my husband and I had pneumonia (and we're normally really healthy people), we've spent close to $5000 on repairs on our car - it's driving me crazy! Different problems but I sympathize. Just keep moving forward, kiddo!