Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bucket List

There's this website that I found on facebook that posts beautiful, unique and sometimes abandoned places all over the world, and it got me thinking of making a bucket list of places I'd like to see before I die.

I realize that many of these will be impossible unless I marry wealthy pretty darn soon, otherwise I'm going to be an old lady living with my cats daydreaming of what could have been if I had made different decisions in my life.

England was always on my list from the time I was 5 years old. I fell in love with Davy Jones and that was it. England was where I wanted to go. It is also likely one of the places on my bucket list that I'll never get to. (It's the money thing)

Chicago is next, because I have a good friend that lives there and after watching so many shows on Food Network, I know it is where the Good Eats really are.

Las Vegas! Doesn't everyone want to go here once? I want to see the bright lights and amazing sights. (Again..not likely...airfare is too much, and frankly..I'm scared of flying)

From the Road Trip website...

Boldt Castle in Alexandria Bay,  NY. It's only about 8 hours away. Definitely doable if I had someone to roadtrip with one day.

Myrtle Beach SC...I think everyone goes there once. My nephew was there this year. I'd love to see Atlantic from a point south of the Mason Dixon line

I want to stay at Omni Grove Park Asheville, NC and the one in Bedford, PA...ah..but I'd have to lose 50 lbs...and look super hot..sigh...

Gol Stave Church Museum in Minot, ND just because it looks so funky!

Indianapolis, IN to see the Dinosphere

Now all I need is time off...a baby sitter for the parents and a whole lot of gas money


Bilbo said...

Las Vegas is fun for a short time, if you can resist the urge to gamble and stick to all the great shows. We've never been to Myrtle Beach, but Hilton Head is wonderful.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

You've given a reason to want to see Indianapolis!

Los Vegas is a for sure place to visit!

Herding Cats - Burning Soup said...

oh I have such a long list too! So many of yours are on mine as well :) One day. Hope you get to visit them all and at least one of them soon!