Sunday, February 21, 2021

Online Dating Randomosity Part 2

 So in the middle of the night I heard my phone chime.


I think I managed to give the brush off to the one boy that kept tossing around the words nice and sexy. Please guys, if you want to talk dirty, talk dirty, don't say nice and sexy, cos it simply isn't? M'kay?

Someone matched with me.

Being 3 a.m and yeah I must be lonely as the Matchbox Twenty song goes...but still trying to sleep...I turned over.

Fast forward to 8 a.m ish and I decide to just say hello to the guy. Cos, why not?

OMG...I got his life story and how he wants to find the love of his life etc...etc..etc..

Uh ok, that's not how you start out talking to a girl/woman/potential date.

Firstly, I'm not on these sites looking for a husband.

I don't want one.

I'm 46....

I want someone to talk friends with...other things...ya know...but marriage is not really on my mind. I mean if it happens that's wonderful, but its not really what I'm looking for.


Cos most men in my age range are divorced with crotch goblins, and I am so not good with children and I don't want to screw up someone else's kids. I'm responsible like that.

Don't tell me that you hope I'm your soul mate within 3 sentences. PLEASE.

God, oh can any guy shave these days?